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CCTV Inspections & Sonde Location Service

Not all blockages can be cleared with drain rods or high pressure drain jetting.  Our CCTV inspection equipment is the next step.  A small mobile camera is sent down the drain to detect issues such as broken drains, tree root infestation, and more. The footage is recorded and used to determine the next course of action, such as fixing misaligned joints, removing tree roots and repairing fractured lengths of clay pipework.  This footage is provided as part of our full drain reports. Our Sonde transmitters can also be used to determine the location of breakages and blockages.


CCTV surveys are also used in home buyers reports to provide a drainage 'health check'.  This survey offers peace of mind for any potential home buyer as our detailed report provides a drainage 'health check' and will also highlight any problems which may occur at a later date.

A CCTV inspection, performed by Manx Drain Solutions on the Isle of Man
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